Identify using the web interface

A video can be identified as 3D using the the metadata manager. Simply edit a video:

Then select the 3D format:

Identify using video file name flags

In order to properly detect 3D, two tags need to be present in the filename. First, a '3D' tag has to be present. Second, one of the following must also be present, hsbs, fsbs, sbs, htab, ftab, or mvc.

Tags need be be surrounded be either a space ( ), hyphen -, dot . or underscore _. Tags are case-insensitive, so both 3d and 3D will work.


  • moviename (year).3d.hsbs.mkv
  • moviename (year) 3d sbs.mkv
  • moviename (year).3D-HTAB.mkv
  • moviename (year)
  • moviename (year)-3D.mvc.mkv

Identify using older conventions

Older file naming conventions are still accepted by placing one of the following tags within the filename:

  • [fsbs]
  • [ftab]
  • [hsbs]
  • [htab]
  • [3d] - Indicates half side by side
  • [sbs3d] - Indicates half side by side

For example:

   /300 (2006)
     300 (2006) [hsbs].mkv
   /Home Alone (1990)
     Home Alone (1990) [fsbs].mkv

Multiple Versions

3D can even be combined with the multi-version video support discussed in the Movie Naming article.

Here's an example of a movie containing multiple versions in a single movie folder, some 3D and others 2D:

  /300 (2006)
    /300 (2006) - 1080p.mkv
    /300 (2006) - 720p.mp4
    /300 (2006) - 3d-hsbs.mp4
    /300 (2006) - 3d.hsbs.mp4
    /300 (2006) - 3d.mvc.mp4