Sync Jobs

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Sync jobs can be created from a number of areas, including, syncing by categories:

Syncing from context menus:

Syncing from detail pages:

Just about everything can be synced, including Genres, Collections, and Playlists:

Sync Job Settings

When creating sync jobs, you'll be able to configure various settings for the job. The settings that are available will differ depending on the content being synced.

Some of the settings available are:


The desired quality level of the synced content. Higher produces better video quality but will require more storage space on the mobile device. The "Original" option can be used to force the process to utilize the original file, but this may result in the file not being playable on the device.

Unwatched Videos Only

Only unwatched videos will be synced, and videos will be removed from the device as they are watched.

Automatically Sync New Content

New content added to the folder or category will be automatically synced to the device.

Item Limit

The maximum number of items that will be synced to the device at any given time.


All available text-based subtitles are included with sync jobs, allowing you to enjoy subtitle selection even when offline.

Managing Sync Jobs

Individual users can manage their own sync jobs using the main menu of the web interface:

Their list of sync jobs will be displayed visually:

Clicking on a sync job will display the job details and allow you to modify it's settings:

In addition, each item within the job can be managed as desired:

Cancelling Sync Jobs

To cancel a sync job, simply click the dot menu next to a job and then select the Cancel Sync Job option. This will delete the sync job as well as all files that have been synced as part of this job.

Alternatively it's also possible to cancel individual items within a job by opening the sync job edit screen and clicking the dot menu next to a sync job item.

Administrative Management

Administrators can manage all sync jobs for all users and devices by opening the server dashboard and navigating to Sync.

From here they'll be able to manage all jobs, job settings and job items:

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