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Modified on Tue, 13 Sep 2022 at 05:43 AM

Google Drive is no longer the preferred method of using Emby Server with Google Drive.  Please check out Rclone which is available on just about every OS in use today.  It can be used to mount drives to 40+ cloud services besides Google. 

Because of the ease of use as well as feature set of Rclone combined with the constant updating the plugin needed because of Google website changes we felt it best to retire this plugin and suggest using Rclone instead.

Original instructions for older installation that have the plugin installed.

To install Google Drive, click the Plugins menu option on the left from your web Dashboard. Then click the Catalog option up top on the right side. Scroll down until you find.


You will be prompted to restart your Emby Server. Please do this, then after restart navigate back to Plugins and you should see the plugin installed.

Click on the Google Drive image to bring up the popup menu


Choose the “Settings” option and you will be in the Google Drive Settings menu


Click the “Create a Google Drive Client Id and Secret” link. You will then get a screen with instructions


Click the “Open Google Drive” link at the top which will open a NEW TAB. Refer to the instructions above if needed.

Agree to both of the Terms of Service boxes and click the Agree and continue button.  After a short wait you will get the following screen.


Click the “Go to credentials” button above. You’ll be met with a wizard that tries to determine what type of credentials you’ll need. 

Fill out the screen with the choices from above and click the What credentials do I need? button.

After clicking Continue you will get a confirmation box and have a new project created.

On the resulting screen click the CONFIGURE CONSENT SCREEN button.

Select External and then click the CREATE button.

Now click the + CREATE CREDENTIALS up top and select OAuth client ID

Select Desktop app for the type and give it a name such as Emby and click the CREATE button.

Now you will need to copy both the Client ID and the Client Secret back to the other tab open in your browser that has Emby running in it.

After filling in both of these entries make sure to click the SAVE button.  After saving click the + ADD button to create the Google Drive that Emby will use.

Fill in the Display name with some like GoogleDrive that you'll use when download/syncing to in Emby.  "GoogleDrive" makes this quite obvious what it is.  Click the Grant Access button to continue.

Now at this point you'll have to sign into your Google account.  Once signed in you'll be prompted to Allow the process to be authorized so click the Allow button.

Again just click the Allow button.

You will now get a code back from google that will be needed so copy this code and switch back to the Emby tab.

Paste this into the code entry and click the Save button.

Congratulations, you have now setup Google Drive to work with Emby Cloud Sync!


Once synced, Emby apps will automatically use the additional media sources when possible. For example, suppose you have a high bitrate movie that requires transcoding to Roku. By syncing to the cloud and selecting a conversion profile that is compatible with Roku, the Roku app can then direct play the synced version rather than transcoding the original.

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